A Few Trends from Highpoint Market

We have been following the Style Spotters who were at the recent fall market in Highpoint, North Carolina.  They reported on new trends that they found to be redefining the shape of home fashion – it seems that what is old is new again in many cases.

So, here are just two of their new product picks.

Internationally renowned designer and forecasting expert Stacy Garcia focused on pieces that featured unexpected pairings of materials and finishes.  We particularly liked the contemporary, yet rustic Double-Sided Bookcase Room Divider by Artitalia Group which combined the natural elements of raw wood with a modern material of steel.

Three other noted style spotters all selected this Egrets pattern from York Wallcoverings, but for somewhat different reasons.  Mary Douglas Drysdale chose it for its historical reference to eclectic romanticism. Designers Bria Hammel and  Holly Hollingsworth Phillips noted that designers are now introducing color more than ever into their projects. They both liked how this wallpaper packs so much punch into a space and reflects fearless design and whimsey. Designers and their clients who choose this wallpaper don’t shy away from color or pattern. These two designers feel that “it’s all about bravery and color this season.”

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At the Highpoint Market last year, we noticed tons of huge light fixtures, and we see this trend continuing this year.  Oversized lighting fixtures can create bold and bright focal points in a room. Light fixtures are considered to be “oversized” when they are much larger proportionally than the pieces surrounding them and the actual dimensions of the room.  It is a common misconception that the space needs to be a large one to incorporate a large light fixture – in actuality, filling any size space with oversized furnishings will make the space feel grander than it is.  Proportionality is an important design principle we try to follow, but sometimes, breaking the rules leads to a truly interesting space, and, in the case of oversized lights, we love their visual excitement, quirkiness, and element of surprise.  It can be fun to add one supersized piece to an otherwise balanced and proportional scheme to add a bit of drama or draw attention to one area.


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Photo of Ellen next to a huge chandelier at Highpoint Market - this is the giant light fixture that started us thinking about this blog.

This oversized square lantern from Holly Hunt appears to be almost as large as the diameter of the table - www.atticmag.com

Ellen found this big old light in an antique store. It is a great example of how what is “old” can be “new” again!

Although this giant drum chandelier from Uttermost dwarfs the other furniture pieces, we love that element of surprise, and it looks amazing in this loft apartment – www.uttermost.com