Collected Over Time

What makes a house a home with heart and soul, warm and inviting, imbued with memories and evidence of life?  We always aim to help our clients bring together things they love to make the composite very interesting and make the place their own.  There are always new trends that will grab people’s attentions, but we advise people not to just pull out a credit card and order everything on-line or from a catalogue – that is a sure way for a room’s look to date very quickly.  Rather, we try to help our clients in the same way that Darryl Carter, acclaimed Washington, D.C. based interior designer does.  In his book The Collected Home: Rooms with Style, Grace, and History, Carter has said that “the home should be a collected assemblage of treasures meaningful to the homeowner...…it is better to have an empty room than an instant room.  Your home is the story of your life.”  We believe the best interiors continue to evolve and continue to grow along with the family, and that provenance is not important as long as you love the things you live with. We can help our clients to mix various styles such as their favorite modern art piece with a French provincial chair or a Venetian chandelier!  We love to mix flea market finds, antiques, found objects, and our client’s treasured collections.  With careful editing, we can help them to make their homes feel fresh and alive. We loved this quote from Darryl Carter – “Furnishing a room is like hosting a good party.  Gather different, interesting characters and let them mingle.”

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Darryl Carter room from

Anjie Cho – collected apartment from

These two rooms are very different – one more traditional and the other spare and modern, but they both reflect a “collected over time” look.  The more traditional one has many decorative elements and objects on the shelves that are meaningful to the owner while the more modern room looks to us like it belongs to someone just starting out.  The basics are there and some decorative objects and plants are starting to warm up the space.  The bare walls are just waiting for some artwork when the homeowner finds a special piece or two.