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Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow on February 2, and we all know what that means – he is predicting an early spring.  We definitely hope that he is correct, and our thoughts are already turning to spring home decorating projects!

One design element that clearly speaks “spring” is treillage, French for lattice or trellis work. While we often think of using trellises for outdoor spaces and for supporting vining plants in our gardens, they are also decorative architectural elements with many indoor applications as well.  Cladding indoor walls with trellis work lends both a geometric and romantic feel to the space and brings the outdoors in. Sophistication and beauty can be added to indoor spaces such as foyers, sunrooms, casual and formal dining rooms, and bedrooms by using just an accent wall or the by covering the entire space from top to bottom! While it is quite popular now, treillage is definitely not a recent design fad – rather, it has been used for centuries in Italy and France as well as in China and Japan.

 Many trellis patterns can be easily found in decorative accents such as wallpaper and fabric patterns, rugs, furniture, and mirrors.  These will not require such a difficult installation but will still give the space the feel of authentic trellis work in either a small or large dose. The patterns in treillage can be Victorian,

Asian, Moroccan, or Hollywood Regency in style to name just a few.  These photos are a very few examples of how trellis work can be used in just about any design scheme.


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WSJ Garden Room – The Gothic Arch and the square trellis work create a nice counterpoint.

Elegant Dressing Room – – in this small space, the door and the wall behind the dressing table are clad in a traditional trellis pattern. – This white-painted chair is re-upholstered in Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis in a bright green colorway, which speaks to spring in a big way.  We have seen this fabric and paper by Schumacher in many other colors and in many applications.  It could be design overkill if used in an entire room, but we love the way this chair looks. – This white mirror is adorned with just a small amount of trellis work to give it a bit more oomph!