Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

 Now that fall is clearly in the air, we are thinking about celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.  We would like to share some ideas for some beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes. We don’t believe there are any boundaries when creating a holiday table to fit your own personal tastes – whether they are casual and fun or sophisticated and glamorous!  Here are just a few of the many tablescapes we have seen and loved.

You can’t go wrong with a neutral palette – this one by Martha Stewart is soothing and natural.

This one from Good Housekeeping is elegant, simple, and inexpensive.  Filling glass candle holders with natural elements such as the nuts pictured here could not be easier.  Or, swap out the nuts with pinecones, mini pumpkins, or gourds for a different look.

Last, but not least, we love this tablescape from Country Livingwhich expresses the sentiments of the season in such a beautiful yet simple way.

Let’s all give thanks in style this year.

Styling your Coffee Table

Think about your coffee table as a focal point in your living room rather than as a spot to put down a snack or drink or a place to put up your feet.  By using several diverse elements, you can turn this flat, plain space into a beautiful eye-catching display. Following some basic design rules should do the trick.

We suggest these ideas from HGTV.

·      Keep your coffee table balanced by varying the scale and height and by grouping like objects together.

·      The coffee table can be a great place to rotate seasonal decorative elements.

·      The rule of threes is an age-old decorating trick, but it does work its magical appeal to the eye.

·      Think about using a tray to corral your favorite small finds and make them easily removable if you need to clear the space for entertaining.

·      A bit of greenery or a beautiful floral arrangement is a way to bring the outdoors in.

·      Last, but not least, the decorative objects on your table should be special and personal – they can tell your story and express your memories and passions.



Tie Pillow

Ellen had this patchwork pillow made from her retired pediatrician husband’s old ties.  When he was practicing, he always liked to wear “kid-friendly” or doctor themed ties.  But, since he had retired, they were just hanging unworn in the closet.  Our wonderful seamstress made the pillow. It was a fun project, and a huge success with Ellen’s husband.  Let us know what you think!