Colorful Ranges

Colorful Ranges


Beautiful spring colors are popping up all around us, and brightly colored ranges are also popping up. They are more than just appliances and can be a jumping off point for an entire kitchen concept for people who are very comfortable with color and do not want the standard white, black or stainless steel range.  Keep in mind, however, that these ranges are definitely not for all of those who are not color shy.  Price points we have seen go from around $3500 to a whopping $54,800! 

We have found a virtual garden of ranges in colors for every taste. Here are a few of our picks.

This range from Smeg’s Portofino Series is a dual fuel model – we show it in yellow, but it is also available in orange and red for those who gravitate towards bright colors.  We found it at for $3999.

For those Aga fans who love radiant-heat cast iron ovens and hot plates, this one in Pistachio would be lovely in the garden or in the kitchen.  It sells for $17,999.

Remember all of the pink, aqua and other pastel kitchens from the 50’s and 60’s?  For those who would love a retro look, www.bigchill.comhas a huge inventory of pro ranges as well as retro ones in a multitude of colors.  Color swatches can be ordered for each of their lines – the custom colors can be ordered on one of their ranges for an additional $400.  This retro range from Big Chill is in Beach Blue.

And, now for the Rolls Royce of ranges – La Cornue.  La Cornue has been hand-crafting these masterpiece ranges in the French culinary tradition since 1908.  There are nearly 40 colors in their premium collection. The more modestly priced CornuFe model in Provence Blue is from Williams-Sonoma for $10,400, but this Le Chateau 150 60” range in Roquefort is a whopping $54,800.