10 Times to Hire a Color Consultant

  1. You need to pick an exterior color

    We will work with your home’s architecture, your personal taste, and the surrounding neighborhood.

  2. You’d like help stepping out of your color comfort zone

    Are all your walls beige or gray? We’ll help you choose different colors and you’ll still love it!

  3. You’re starting with one piece you love

    That area rug or art you absolutely love can be the starting point for your color design.

  4. You need help reaching a compromise

    You want bright color, but your partner wants soft, soothing surroundings. We will work with you so that you both get a look you’ll love.

  5. You need a whole house palette

    Each room can be different, but the color should flow from one space to another.

  6. You’re remodeling

    If you choose your colors when the job is just beginning, it will go much more smoothly.

  7. You have a historic home

    If you don’t want to recreate the original color, we can work with you to keep the historical mood, but with an up-to-date color.

  8. You’re not sure what you like

    So many colors! After talking with you, we will help you discover the best hues for you.

  9. You just want to make a decision already

    When you get overwhelmed and simply can’t decide

  10. You need to pick paint colors quickly

    You would like the painting done before you move, or your favorite painter is only available within a certain timeframe.